Team Members: Napolitano, Melendez, Andrade, Faraci
Classes discussed 831, 817, 823
Meeting Room: 125

Minutes 9/22

Team Norms
1. Bring up concerns
2. Find commonalities
3. Discuss commonalities and arrive at solutions.

Today we addressed the sudden change in class 831. All teachers on the team expressed their concern about the future of the class.

October Meetings

10/6 and 10/13
- As a group we chose our students that we were going to target this year in our meetings. We chose these students after studying their data on Acuity. We decided to choose the students that were a double 2 both in ELA and Math or a 2 and low 3.

- We also discussed possible changes made to class 823 (Kelsey and Denzel)


- We discussed our report card grades for the classes we have in common. We compared grades to look for patterns and flagged students that were doing poorly in all classes. We also looked for students who were doing very well in one class but poorly in another. We shared strategies that we use to motivate the students in various classes

- Again we compared our final report cards grades and discussed the upcoming parent teacher conferences. The team jotted down particular parents we would like to speak with and talked about changes in classes for the 2nd marking period.

11/10 No Meeting

11/17 Parent Teacher Conferences

11/24 Thanksgiving

We tried to create a group page on ARIS but were unable to log on. We tried several times on different computers but were unsuccessful. So we changed the discussion to current things happening in our rooms and any problems occurring.


Teachers reviewed the Tell Us About your Child Survey

We also met with Mr. Paulin and student Kesha (class 817) about her progress in her classes. Kesha was cutting all of her classes last week so we all wanted to meet with Kesha and discuss a plan/solution to the problem.


Teachers met to discuss progress reports and address which parents needed to be contacted in regards to their students progress.


Teachers again discussed a few students who were of concern to all members of the team. These students were flagged as in danger of failing for the year or the teachers noticed a change in the progress/ work of the student. We reviewed effective ways to reach these students and set a plan of action to meet the needs of the students.

1/12- 1/19

Review of student work. We compared work that we had for each of our subjects with one another and were amazed to see the differences across subjects.

There was a discussion about the comments and jokes made by the boys in 817. It was becoming very inappropriate and all teachers expressed their concern. Mr. Paulin stepped in and volunteered to speak with the class and came into Ms. N's math class the next day and had a long discussion with the students on racism. We also talked about speaking to guidance and possibly having some assembly to discuss the issue.

Teachers discussed their concern about the change in behavior and attitudes of girls in class 831. Students are not wearing uniforms, not applying themselves as much as they used to, and seem like school isnt a priority anymore. We decided to call the parents and get them on board with our concerns to stop it before it gets any worse.


There was discussion on the New York State ELA exam. Ms. Napolitano shared with the teachers how 831 was using so many strategies Ms.Melendez went over in class. She saw students underlining, bulleting notes, drawing thinking maps, organizing their info prior to writing paragraphs and drawing blank lines when they missed information during the listening section.


The teachers discussed how the New York State Math Test went. Ms. Melendez shared with Ms. Napolitano some things she observed while proctoring class 817. Mr. Faraci and Dr. Andrade shared information that the students had shared with them following the exam.


We discussed the upcoming quality review and how there would be a focus on our CTT and ESL classes. We shared strategies we each use in the classroom to differentiate for our students and the ways in which we are updating our classroom. We all felt very stressed and are nervous for the upcoming weeks