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Sept 22, 2011

Location: Room 206A

Attendees:Palmeri, Taylor, Morrison Brown(family emergency )

Ms. Morrison discussed a student hold-over in class 810 and how we can help the student to succeed this year.
  • Students needed to select for the upcoming year.
  • From class 810, 809, and 822 11 students so far have been selected for the upcoming year. Students names will not be displayed on student wiki for privacy reasons.

Oct 6, 2011

Location: Room 206A

Attendees: Palmeri, Taylor, Morrison
  • Students were added to the prior list created on 9/23/11.Students names will not be displayed on student wiki for privacy reasons.
  • All three teachers spoke about student(s) in 810 and 822 who had chronic absences. Those names were going to be referred to guidance counselor.

Oct 13, 2011

Location: Room 206A

Attendees: Palmeri, Taylor, Morrison, Brown
  • Spread sheet of 20 students was created and emailed to Mr. Burns by the end of the day.

Oct 20, 2011

Location: Room 206A

Attendees: Palmeri, Taylor, Morrison, Brown
  • Qtrly. Assessments to begin next week.
  • Discussed students possibly failing marking period 1

Oct 27, 2011
Location: Room 206A
Attendees: Mr. Bolan, Mr. Palmeri, Mrs. Taylor, Ms. Morrison, Mr. Brown
  • 20 Selected Students
  • Students selected are on ARIS within a separate group from our other students.
1. How did your team decide upon the 20 selected students?
We used Aris to select students with low attendance. Aris was used to determine the Ell's and FELLS. It was these students who had low scale scores on their 2011 state exams. With the help of Aris we looked for scale scores of 1.0 - 2.5 to determine possible students who might be at risk academically.
2. What data was used to select the 20 students?NYS State scale scores via Aris.
3. Is there a common academic need among the 20 students? Please be as specific as possible.
Mr. Bolan explained his group were high 2's as an example. Mr. Palmeri felt some students may express their frustration and difficulties with statements like "I hate reading math!" or "This is stupid way to solve it!". He felt this might be related to their problems with word decoding and phonics difficulties, which affect their reading.
4. How are the selected students similar/different in demographics?
Large Hispanic Population in our group. Households are non-english speaking.
5. Does the team have a hypothesis on what may be causing the academic need?Households are non-english speaking. Reading comprehension and decoding seems to be weak.
6. What are the team’s next steps?
After period / report cards develop strategies (reading) to utilize across the curriculum.

Nov 3 2011
Attendees: Mr. Palmeri, Mrs. Taylor, Ms. Morrison
  • A student (not mentioning on wicki) who was in house suspension had been conferenced with along with a family member about grades, and inappropriate behavior.
  • Common students who were failing throughout our team.
  • Strategies that might help these individual students
Mr. Palmeri and Ms. Morrison discussed inter-curriculum vocabulary between math and science

Nov 10, 2011
Mr. Palmeri had a PD with Mr.Suarez on Common Core Standards

Nov 17, 2011
Parent Teacher Conference

Nov 24,2011
Thanksgiving Recess

December 1,2011
Location: Room 206A
Attendees: Mr. Palmeri, Mrs. Taylor, Ms. Morrison, Mr. Brown, Ms.Vardanov
  • The struggles of our students solving word problems in order to set up an equation and solve for a missing variable. Ms. Taylor suggested this may be the result of decoding difficulties.
  • Spoke to our guidance counselor (Ms. Vardanov) and suggested she peak with select students from 809 and 810 about academic/behavior issues. She suggested keep accurate records to keep track of any issues with these students and she would be conferencing with them in the near future.

December 15,2011
Location: Room 206A
Attendees: Mr. Palmeri, Mrs. Taylor, Ms. Morrison, Mr. Brown
  • Completed school progress report template for failing students.
  • Discussed the need to work on vocabulary strengthening skills

December 22, 2011
Attendees: Palmeri, Taylor, Morrison, Brown, Vardanov
  • Ms Vardanov discussed a students progress and the requirements to have a student moved to another class.
  • Mr. Brown and the team attempted to call such students mom. We left a message. Our team discussed a truant student from 810 and the help we have all offered to the student.
The team discussed the vacation packets for all students.

January 5, 2012
Attendees: Palmeri, Taylor, Morrison, Brown, Vardanov
  • Low practice ELA Coach scores in all classes.
  • Ms. Vardonov visited to discuss the rules for transferring students from the class to another.
  • We discussed a students who has received a superintendent's suspension.
  • Need to improve our students study habits.
  • Need to differentiate within our classes especially for our struggling students.

February 2, 2012
Attendees: Palmeri, Taylor, Morrison, Brown
  • Misplacement of a student into 810. Student belonged to 1st floor. Student has now been transfered.
  • Benchmark given by Mr.Brown & S.S. dept. Their scores (20 students) had been discussed amongst group. Highest possible score was a 16. The highest score was a 9 out of 16 pts.The lowest score was a three from the group of 20. Discussed possible reasons for poor performance.
  • Students in 809 need reading strategies to master exams.

February 16, 2012
  • Discussed students who have been cutting various classes. Mr. Palmeri discussed his students vacation homework using Acuity.
  • Discussed students who have been consistently off task.
  • Need to see parents from class 809 during parent teacher conference.

May 3, 2012
Attendees: Palmeri (at jr achievement meeting rm131, Taylor, Morrison, Brown
  • Making student work relevant for each student
  • Strategy Completed-Catering to each students learning style. If a student has a difficult time passing an exam we are applauding their effort and their verbal work in class. Using cross curriculum teaching to address students who require extra attention. Ex Palmeri & Taylor are using (purposely) the same terms in each class "Intercept"
  • Mr. Brown is having the students write essays. Students are recalled to an introduction, body, conclusion from Ms. Taylors class. Morrison & Taylor worked with students to teach the MLA citations.
  • Ms. Taylor taught the hitchhiker & Mr.Brown had his students listen to it on an old time radio recording. This was helpful for their auditory learners. The entire team covered the use of Instinct. i.e. Animal, Survivor, Hidden Strengths.
  • Students are also focusing on true team work not just group work.
  • Discussed targeted students weaknesses as a group and their strengths.
  • Ms. Morrison and Palmeri are providing students with lunch & learn time.
  • Entire team using audio & visual aids to enhance student engagement and academic performance.

May 10, 2012
Attendees: Palmeri , Taylor, Morrison(left early to illness), Brown
  • Use of flexible grouping based on pre-diagnostics.
  • Student work is differentiated on appropriate levels to accommodate all students.
  • Mr Brown differentiates with films, as well as written work.
  • Palmeri is breaking assignments into smaller more manageable assignments for the struggling students.