Members present Aleshin, Kronberg, Shyam
We spoke of classes 821, 803, 805 and 831 and how students were performing. Class 821 has 34 students and has to be leveled out. We analyzed the state results, and identified students who had improved and those who had not shown improvement. Thanks to Ms.Aleshin who had compiled the data.

Members present Parrino, Kronberg, Shyam
Today we discussed the targeted students of class 703, with special emphasis on Maria V, Attendance went to her place and found that they had moved .Waiting to hear back, as we are unable to contact her father. We also discussed the placement of students for the next year.

Members present: Parrino, Aleshin, Kronberg, Shyam
Today we spoke of class 721, and how they have not performed to the level that we have expected. In math, many students have not stepped it up to their full potential. This may be a concern since all of them are scheduled to take the math regents next June as students of class 821. In literacy, however, 30/32 improved in their lexile levels. It has been a struggle to have them work to their full potential throughout the school year. We have felt that even as early as September some students in this class may not have been placed correctly.

Members present: Parrino, Aleshin, Kronberg, Shyam
Today we spoke of class 703 and how a student Satesh, which was a targeted student of ours, has improved greatly. He is now participating more, handing more of his assignments on time, and is much more motivated than before. Today there were many absences however, and some of these students are in jeopardy of summer school. We must make sure that these students who missed work today, make it up, and attend 37 minutes to ask questions regarding the lessons taught today. This class continues to be a concern for us.

Members present: Parrino,Kronberg,Shyam
Today we discussed targeted students' performance. During the course of the week Ms.Shyam and Ms.Aleshin had individually conferenced with Ms.Hunerberg, to discuss the progress made by some of the students. We were pleased to note that Mahar has shown some improvement, but it has been very limited. It was recommended that she would benefit from an ICT setting. Selena has started getting additional help.This would be a great help. We also discussed Maria V. who has been cutting every science class and resource. She has also cut a few math classes. Our concern is that she finally is getting the opportunity to get the additional academic help that she needs and she is not taking advantage of it.

Members present: Parrino, Aleshin, Kronberg
Today we discussed the trip to the aquarium tomorrow for Ms.Shyam's science classes. This will be an educational trip that will reinforce topics learned in science this year. Additionally, we spoke about Mr. K's social studies exit project that involves a power point presentation, which was due today. Most students handed in an exceptional piece of work. Mr. Parrino is also giving a final math project, where the students are to pair up and teach a lesson to the class. Each group will teach one period, and each a different concept learned in class this year. Lastly, Ms. Aleshin is having her students work on self portrait poems, and reading a piece of poetry called locomotion. As we approach the final month of this year we are still encouraging our students to work hard..

Members present: Parrino, Aleshin, Shyam, Kronberg
Today we discussed the end of the year trips. One, being a house trip to the movies, and the other a Science trip to the aquarium. This is a great time to take the students out of the building since both major 7th grade state exams have passed. Students have worked hard all year, and one trip to the movies is more of a reward. The other will be a great learning experience and will be fun as well. Additionally, we have discussed testing modifications for a couple of our students, where they will receive RR in the fall
Members present: Parrino, Aleshin, Shyam, Kronberg

Members present: Parrino, Aleshin, Shyam,Kronberg
In our meeting , we discussed students from class 703. We noticed the students lack of interest in writing in general and homework in particular.

Members present: Parrino, Aleshin, Kronberg

Members Present: Parrino, Aleshin, Kronberg

Members present: Parrino, Shyam, Kronberg
Today we were unable to look at student's work from last week because Aleshin was unavailable (she has the literacy work) and as such we continued to discuss the initial students targeted. We all spoke of the students progress in our own classes and determined that the need for 37 minute tutoring is highly recommended.

Members Present: Aleshin, Parrino, Shyam, Kronberg
Today we analyzed another piece of "response to literature" from class 721. Again, as an honor class our expectation for the work is extremely high. We looked at a sample from a male student, and realized that although a level 4 in reading, his writing is a low level 3. One of the main issues here was his inability to identify simple writing errors, such as punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure. As a good reader, he should be more aware of his errors. He has had individualized attention by his ELA teacher, who noticed the disconnect, and is yet to improve upon these errors.

Members Present: Aleshin, Parrino, Shyam
Today we analyzed a piece of work by a student from class 721, "response to literature". We all agreed that the student was not able to edit properly, and as an SP student, some concern arose because we feel this work was not up to the high standard we set for this honor class. This student is a dedicated and hard working young lady, but struggles in her writing, as evident in this piece.

Members Present: Aleshin. Kronberg, and Shyam
Mr. Parrino was at a workshop today. We assigned roles for the new task presented to us. The team agreed that Ms. Aleshin would present first using Response to Literature Essays. We did notice that we would really have to pay attention to time, since the task seems to perhaps require more time than alloted.
Timekeeper: Shyam
Presenter: Aleshin
Facilitator: Kronberg
Minutes on Wiki: Parrino

Members Present: Aleshin, Parrino, Shyam, Kronberg

Today we finalized our In Danger of Failing Lists and completed our team letters to distribute to students. We also discussed the status of our 721 class. There are students in this class who are not fulfilling some of the requirements to stay in the class. We discussed some targeted students and their progress. We are pleased that some of them have really started to turn things around. We believe that this is partially due to the report card grades from Q1 and also because of the letters sent home to parents. Unfortunately, there are some students in this class who are not performing and we believe they may have been misplaced or are not living up to their potential. The problem we are facing is-who will take their places if they are removed?

Shyam, Parrino, and Aleshin will be going to the Bronx Zoo on Monday, 1/9/12.

Members Present: Aleshin, Parrino, Shyam, Kronberg,

Today we analyzed student work from our list of target students, and focused on the students who are currently in RR, or have an IEP. By looking at some work from these students we determined that a formal meeting with RR teacher, guidance counselor, and possibly parent should be conducted soon. For some, a different class setting may be more appropriate.

Members Present: Aleshin, Parrino, Shyam, Kronberg, Mr. Golden

Today we spoke with Mr.Golden about the upcoming house trip. We discussed if students who have had behavior
problems / attendance issues/ failing classes..etc should be accompanied by a chaperone. Then Mr. Greggo joined us and we spoke about former ELL's, and current IEP students and how we should focus on their learning needs this year because we did not meet AYP last year.

Members Present: Aleshin, Parrino, Shyam, Kronberg, Pendola

Agenda item: Reviewing the "tell us about your child" survey given to students just before PTC.

Today as a team we reviewed this survey, and found that most students in class 721 use the school website, as a means to find their hw assignments. Also this class had many students who love their core subjects, and on those core subjects that students were struggling with, it was known amongst the team. We decided to target the students by encouraging them to attend the 37min tutoring block between Mon - Wed, where the student can go to either of us for additional help.

Members Present: Ms. Aleshin, Mr. Kronberg, Mr. Parrino, and Ms. Shyam

Agenda Item: Update Aris Team Profile

Discussion Notes: As a team, we worked together to update the profile. We had some technical difficulties at first. Mr. Parrino kept gettting booted out of the system.
We were able to spend a few minutes focusing on Class 703. This class continues to be a concern for us. We have a large amount of targeted students from this class. We have six students with I.E.P.s, possibly seven with the newest admit of Kevin George. It does not show up on Aris that he has an I.E.P., but we were told he does have one. We also have five E.L.L. students who are pulled out of class as well as students who are pulled out of our classes for Speech. In addition, we feel that many of our General Education Students are on the lower spectrum. We have three issues with attendance. Reinaldo Rico is consistently late to school, Leonard Richardson consistently takes off of school at least once a week since school started (Last year, he had 55 absences), and Kevin George who is dropped off at school by his uncle, sometimes does not come to school, or he comes to school and leaves after a.m. homeroom. Ms. Aleshin has only had this student five times since October 26th when he started in her class. This child is a holdover and has double ones. Selena Ramjas' stepmother has requested testing for her. Maria Valdivieso's father recently sent in a letter that he requested testing for his daughter in 2010 and was unsuccessful in his attempts to have the school test her. In his letter he stated that he was no longer interested. The team requested to speak with him a couple of times this year, however, we have not been successful. Maria is struggling academically and is performing at a lower level than her classmates. For example, on Teen Biz, her Lexile Level places her at a Beginner Reader Level. Even at this lowest level, Maria is averaging a 44% on multiple choice activities. Ms. Aleshin has spoken to Ms. Hunerberg about having her evaluated for Wilson. One major problem we are having is getting her to stay for after school tutoring. We have had some success with getting our targeted students to come to after school for either Literacy or math, with many of the students switching between Mr. Parrino and Ms. Aleshin. One problem is that these students are so deficient in skills. We need more time to discuss strategies for these students and some more assistance to help us address the needs of these students who are performing so many grade levels below.

No meeting-Thanksgiving Day!

Members Present: Ms. Shyam, Ms. Aleshin, Mr. Parrino

Agenda Item: Students who we want to target, using Aris.

Discussion Notes: Students who scored a 1 or 2 on last year's state exam were brought up in a discussion. How do we group these students so that they can become a level 3 or 4 this year? Seating arrangements, extra time on tests, and extended day tutoring are some suggestions we came up with. In addition, 19% of class 713 has an IEP, which is a concern to us. Several of these children require outside testing with a maximum of 8 students. How do we accommodate to these testing requirements? How would we give a test to these students under these conditions? Do we send them to another classroom during our in class exams? The availabilty of rooms are so slim that this would be next to impossible.

Members Present: Aleshin, Parrino, Shyam

Agenda Item: Create list of 20 students who will be our focus/target group of our team.

Discussion Notes: Unfortunately Ms. Shyam does not share all three classes with the team. Therefore, we are limited to two classes to choose for our focus group. We chose many students from our 703 (formerly 713) class. We chose students who had an I.E.P., our E.L.L. students, students who had a level 1 in either math or ELA, and students who had attendance issues the previous year. We also targeted some of our S.P. students.

Members Present: Aleshin, Parrino, Shyam

Agenda Item: Failure notices and phone call list.

Discussion Notes: Ms. Shyam created a team letter to send home to any students in danger of failing quarter one. This letter is also a request for the parent to come up for a conference. We also made some phone calls to students who were struggling. We have some concerns for several of our students who are double ones or a 1 and a 2 who have IEPs. We are concerned that the regular class room setting is overwhelming for some of them. We discussed strategies that we have been using that have not been successful so far. We need to meet with the speech teachers for some of our students. We met with Ms. Hunerberg briefly to discuss some students who go to Resource Room. We all agreed to keep anecdotals on one particular struggling student. Ms. Shyam and Ms. Aleshin called the parent and the parent agreed to come up tomorrow during our lunch period.