discussed upcoming science exam.
discussed student behavior changes and ways to keep classroom managed.

discussed Math exam and ways to keep students engaged in rigorous lessons post-exam.
discussed end of the year goals.

began discussing possible failures for the 4th marking period and discussed ELA exam.

discussed test prep strategies for ELA, Math, and Science and how to continue to use the workshop model to plan meaningful lessons

discussed transfer student and student progress
discussed the atmosphere of our classes as the school year end is approaching. We've noted that several students in classes 716 and 717 should not remain grouped together. Several students have been cited as they are becoming increasingly incorrigible, causing fracas, and hindering the educational process.

discussed how to use Acuity to gather data to group students and differentiate instruction.
discussed possible failures for the 3rd Marking Period.

discussed student progress and addressed the needs of former ELLS.
reviewed Acuity practice materials found at website as a tutorial with the intention of further academic improvement to infuse during 37.5 minutes.

discussed final report card grades for Marking Period 2.
discussed student progress and those that are PID.

Happy Groundhog's Day - According to Punxsutawney Phil there will be 6 more weeks of winter.

discusses possible failures for the second marking period. students who are consistently not handing in work and not doing assignments. compared notes on phone calls home.

continued discussion of the grading system of scoring 1-4.
compared three different classes, 717, 716 and 723 to get a range of ability levels and scores. compared the scores to the scoring rubric provided by Ms. Sapp.

looked over the memo that had been sent out
"Analysis of Student Work - the power of protocols- an educators guide to better practice"
discussed the grading system of scoring 1-4. 1 = far below standard and 4 = exceeding standard.

discussed student behavior and ways to keep them motivated to fulfill their highest potential.

discussed possible strategies for handling student behavior the day before a vacation. KEEP THEM ON TASK!
reviewed students whom will receive progress reports with failing grades.

discussed progress reports and which students are in danger of failing.

discussed student behavior. we also discussed ways to group students differently according to skill level and working ability.

discussed student surveys and parent concerns.
created a group page on ARIS.

discussed upcoming parent-teacher conferences.

discussed possible failures for the first marking period / progress reports that have been sent out.
discussed possible strategies for behavioral and academic problems in classes 717 and 716.

discussed the possible transfer of students out of and into the SP class of 723.
found instructional materials on the web that could assist in student learning. Quia.com which stands for Quintessential Instructional Archive. Quia is a web site that offers tons of activities and quizzes set in game format that students targeted can practice at home and in school. Quia allows one to create lessons and activities (if registered).

listed the names on the spreed sheet. discussed varied strategies and methods to increase students aptitude, scores and performance levels.

continuation of discussion of the 20 students being tracked. What can we do to raise performance levels of these students.

team met and discussed protocol for future meanings. we also discussed students that will be tracked during the school year 2011-2012