Welcome to our Special Education wiki page.This page will contain all memos, logs/templates, and information tools that will be utilized this year.
Extended Day Letter/Permission Slip for use with 37.5 minute sessions.
Special Education ELA and Math Exam Data Analysis
Case Managers please utilize this template when you are working with teachers.
Please utilize this file to report all IEP issues to Ms. Burgess
Case Manager Assignments for 2011-2012/ Adjusted will be made as vacancies are filled.
Case Manager Assignments, Revised Copy
Please Utilize this packet as you draft student's IEPs.
Please refer to this document when creating Units, lessons and assessments to support the rigor in each lesson/task.
This October 13 memo details all info necessary to appropriately document student attendance.
Finalization Process for IEP's in an annual review
(memo from 9-28-11)
Ms. Burgess' IEP schedule for ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍2011-2012
Case Managers, Please submit this form to Ms. Burgess AT LEAST 3 days prior to the due date for annual reviews
December 6 - Full Day Professional Development Power Point with Diana Devito
December 13- Full Day Professional Development

Session Notes. Facilitated by Karen Leone.

Testing Modification Template for all case managers and/or service providers

Instructions for completing SESP tool for 2012 2013 projections

Information for Related Service Providers and Paraprofessionals regarding the IVR system.

Performance Indicator Rubric Grade 6
Performance Indicator Rubric Grade 7
Performance Indicator Rubric Grade 8

Classroom walkthrough checklist. Please use as a reference.