" A detailed practical information about how something works or how something can be accomplished.
The basic working components or practical aspects.

The members of the team are;

Mr. Alas, Mr. Castilo, Miss Gentry, Mr. Gibbons, Miss Guardado, Mr. Perez, Mr Castillio, Mrs Theador, Ms. Lallbachan

Meeting are held in room 221.


May 10, 2012

Members in attendance: Mr. Guardado, Mr. Gibbons, Mr. Perez, Mr. Castillo, Mrs. Theodore

Topics Discussed:
1) Class 893 had to be kept for detention and parents called because of disciplinary minutes.
2) Teachers discussed expectations for upcoming quality review, including bulletin boards, portfolios, and differentiated lesson plans
3) Teachers discussed the current NYSELAT testing of several students, and how these students ELL/former ELL status hs affected their academic performance this year.
4) Teachers discussed how we can collaborate to help students prepare for the upcoming 8th grade NYS Science Test.

May 3rd 2012

Mr. Gibbons, Miss Guardado, Mr. Perez, Mr. Castillio, Mrs Theadore

1) Team discussed addition on new student to class 893.
2) Team planed how ELA and Math can support the preparation for the NYS Science test, via the packet Mr. Gibbons made for classes 892,3 and 4.
3) Team discussed quality review
4) Team discussed disciplinary issues with 893 and 892 and called several parents. Some incidents had to be written up and referred to deans for suspension.

April 26th

Members in attendance: Mr. Gibbons, Mr. Alas, Mr. Perez, Mr. Castillo, Ms. Gentry, Ms. Lallbachan, Ms. Guardado

Topics of Discussions:
1) The administration the NYS ELA and Math Tests: It was noted that certain students seemed to need more time while other might have needed less. This will be of consideration when setting testing accommodations during upcoming annual reviews.

2) Ongoing behavior issues: Several parents from class 892 had to be called because of disciplinary issues with select students. Students have been noted to be especially restless and poorly behaved during the past few days. It seems many of them are frustrated with the long difficult testing and so are acting out. However, it was stressed to parents and students alike that they must still focus and do their best to pass and do well in Marking Period 4.

3) Upcoming NYS Quality Review: Expectations for this review on 5/23 and 5/24 were discussed. Several teachers discussed the content they plan on covering going forward and during those two days specifically as well. Some also plan on developing cross-curriculum lessons and activities in order to further engage students and use time more effectively.

4) Upcoming NYS Science Exam: Teachers discussed how we can collaborate and help students prepare for the NYS Science Exam. We discussed how important it is to stress to students that the year is not "over" and they must continue to focus and prepare for the upcoming testing.

5) Remaining IEP annual reviews: There are a couple of annual reviews coming up that must be completed as soon as possible. We discussed which IEPs were due, students' present level of performance and goals going forward. We reviewed due dates and agreed everyone would finish their part before the given deadline.

March 15th

Members in attendance: Mr. Gibbons Mr. Alas, Mr. Perez, Mr. Castillo, Ms. Gentry, Ms. Lallbachan, Miss Barnett, Mr. I, paras, Mrs. Askew, Mr. Goldmen, Mr. Paulin


Due to the current and on going behavior, academic, problems and disrespect to classroom teachers and peers in class 893 Mr. Gibbons organized (over the last week) a student, parent, teacher team meeting with all of the parents from class 893.

All 10 parents and students attended the meeting. The meeting covered and highlighted, academic responsibility ( positive and negative), lack homework, studying, current academic standings, disciplinary issues and concerns, student, parent responsibility and stressed the fact that we must work together as a team with open communication for the benefit of each and every child in class 893

Every teacher and aid for class 893 spoke with concerns to behavior and academics for each subject. AP and Deans addressed and spoke about protocol, discipline, academics and issues that have arose in the past which still continue to be issues with specific individuals. All aspects both positive, negative and were addressed.

All parents provided their contact number to each other, also each parent were given again all teacher contact information.

Feedback from the parents at the end of the two hour meeting was extremely positive and thankful - for the organization and the information (at time individually) provided to each of them. Also that they were able to meet all the classmates, friends and parents of each student. Each parent voiced their agreement and commitment towards the goals of the meeting and each class.

March 8th

Members in attendance: Ms. Guardado, Mr. Alas, Mr. Perez, Mr. Castillo, Mr. Gibbons, Ms. Gentry, Ms. Lallbachan

  • Discussed students who have been cutting various classes.

  • Students who have been consistently off task.

  • Disciplinary issues arising with select students

  • Parent conferences 1:1 in person

March 1st
Members in attendance: Ms. Guardado, Mr. Alas, Mr. Perez, Mr. Castillo, Mr. Gibbons, Ms. Gentry, Ms. Lallbachan

Team highlighted our students common weaknesses and strategizing on different ways to address the issues. Strategies include offering incentives to students to increase ones attendance for extended day session, and “working” lunch extra help. increasing 1:1 student conferencing and parent communication.

Feb 16th
Members in attendance: Ms. Guardado, Mr. Alas, Mr. Perez, Mr. Castillo, Mr. Gibbons, Ms. Gentry, Ms. Lallbachan
Continuation reviewing student work.
Discussions on quality of work, building foundations due to lack of foundations.
How to increase and adjust tasks to keep producing a more rigorous lessons within special education classes.

Feb 8th 2012
Gibbons, Alas, Castillo, Perez, Fridman, Gentry, Theodore,
Ms. Lallbachan
Continues to review work from Mrs. Theodore. The team has devised that there is a common issue with the students basic writing, grammar and vocabulary. To address these issues we have introduced 4 corner vocab maps, graphic organizers, Soap Stone reading strategies and thinking maps.

Feb 1/2/12
Gibbons, Alas, Castillo, Perez, Fridman, Gentry, Theodore,
Ms. Lallbachan
Today we held an “intervention” with class 893 to discuss their current academic standings, behavior, and future expectations moving into the 3rd marking period.
Mrs. Theodore brought work from class 833. We collaborative reviewed Justin Moreno Vocabulary quiz and a writing sample.
Looking at the writing sample we have inferred based off of the data that he lacks basic writing mechanics and fundamentals along with proper punctuation and placement. He is attending the after school extended day with Mrs., Theodore, he has shown progress in his comprehension of vocabulary. Moving forward working on basic grammar and sentence structure.
Team Meeting: January 26th

Members in attendance: Ms. Guardado, Mr. Alas, Mr. Perez, Mr. Castillo, Mr. Gibbons, Ms. Gentry, Ms. Lallbachan

Topics Discussed:

Mr. Gibbons handed out of both the "Collaborative Inquiry Cycle" and "Tuning Protocol" to the team. He broke down and explained each component and elicited how this framework should be followed and implemented for the "Collaborative Inquiry Cycle" and continued with the "Tuning Protocol" break down of both cold and warm feedback.

1) Attendance and disciplinary issues with select students
2) Re-worked, revised and finalized the Teams list of 20 students due to; Students moved out of our team network, moved from the building, or poor
attendance. Students whom were moved in to the "NEW" list are students who's exhibit poor homework,test grades and or struggle overall.
3) Ms. Gentry brought in student work summarizing the book Night John. Group begin to review and give preliminary feedback
we will continue reviewing student work.

Team Meeting: January 19th

Members in attendance: Guardado, Gibbons, Castillo, Perez, Alas, Theodore, Lallbachan

Topics Covered:
1) Mr. Gibbons distributed a Task Analysis Guide and Sample student work to help teacher team collaborately work to analyze student work.

2) Team members looked at four different tasks and identified what kind of task and demands it required. Task A was identified as Higher Level Demands. The other tasks were deemed higher-level as well, but as per CFN should be considered as a lower-level task.

3) Next week, will we be looking at specific student work for our targeted students using the Task Analysis Framework; looking forward breaking down whats is warm and cold feedback.

Team Meeting: January 12th

Members in attendance: Guardado, Gibbons, Castillo, Perez, Alas, Theodore, Burnett, Lallbachan

Topics Covered:

1) We modified our list of 20 students, according to student needs and changes to rosters, schedules.

2) We discussed the work we've been doing with our select students and the progress/changes we've noted in student behavior,motivation,skills, and

3) We read and discussed the document on Analyzing Student Work, and how to divide the task among team members.
For next week's meeting, Mr. Gibbons will be presenting student work, Ms. Guardado will facilitate, and Ms. Lallbachan will be time-keeper and minute recorder on wikispaces.

4) Mr. Alas made a suggestion as to how to examine and review student work. We all agreed to use this strategy at next week's meeting.
2011 meetings September to December

Team Meeting: September 22nd

Members in attendance: Guardado, Gibbons, Castillo, Perez, Alas, Gentry

Discussion Topics:
1) Program change for class 893 and 894

2) Discipline issues

3) Case manager(s) for ICT class 831

4) Laptops

Action Plan:
1) ELA teacher(s) for 893 and 894 will switch/share information, assessments, (baseline), and classwork/homework assignments.

2) We will secure 12 laptops for each special education classroom.

3) We will utilize a behavior modification plan, using incentives and other positive reinforcements strategies.

4) We will review upcoming IEP compliance dates.

Members in attendance: Guardado, Gibbons, Castillo, Perez, Alas, Gentry
Discussion on which 20 students will be chosen.
  • Which student are to be targeted.
  • Current progress/ issues that selected student are dealing with.
  • Currently continuing on completing selection.
  • Parent meeting held with one of our selected students in conjunction with meeting.

October 20, 2010

Member in attendance: Guardado, Gibbons, Castillo, Theodore, Perez, Gentry, Burnett

Topics of Discussions:
1) Discipline issues and concerns in class 893
2) Transfer of Zahaan Khan, previously from 832, to 892
3) 20 students will be divided into specific groups based ability levels, performance, needs, etc. Specific strategies and schedules will be discussed next week.

The members of the team are;

Mr. Alas, Mr. Castilo, Mr. Gibbons, Miss Guardado and Mr. Perez, Miss Burnett, Mr. Indelicato

Meeting are held in room 221.
1. How did your team decide upon the 20 selected students?
Students were selected based off of teacher team observation, test and home work grades, and baseline assessments.
2. What data was used to select the 20 students?
Team used Aris, baseline assessments, and SESSIS
3. Is there a common academic need among the 20 students? Please be as specific as possible.
Yes , Students are deficient in Math and ELA, some are deficient in both areas for 2 consecutive years
4. How are the selected students similar/different in demographics?
Similar to age, grade, class placement, IEP, non IEP
5. Does the team have a hypothesis on what may be causing the academic need?
Hypothesis- Students may have poor self esteem, Lack of study skill, poor short term memory.

6. What are the team’s next steps?
Continue to break down student in to groups according to teacher, Created "Must Attend" forms for the selected students 37 1/2 minutes

The members in attendance are:

Ms. Guardado, Ms. Gentry, Mr. Perez, Mr. Alas, Ms. Burnett, Mr. Gibbons, Mr. Castillo, and Ms. Lallbachan

Meeting held in room 221

1) We reviewed and shared the strategies discussed during Tuesday's special education vocabulary pd. We agreed on the four corners strategies and demonstrated to teachers who were not in attendance how to use the graphic organizer we created.

2) We printed out copies of the interim progress report and discussed the procedures for completing this form for our selected 20 students by next week.

3) We discussed the current situation with the ESL pullout program and how we could work together so that students will benefit from this "additional" service.

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Team member in attendance:
Guardado, Gibbons, Castillo, Perez, Alas, Gentry, Lallabachan, Burnett

Team discussion on the following:
We broke down each category to identify where we are currently at with "assessments" as we move forth.
Addressing the 20 targeted students and how we need to track progress hard data in a collaborative folder exhibiting this.

- Slossein, Learning Styles, and Letter Sound Recognition Assessment; clarifications and scheduling which classes need to be finalized
- Datafolio creating
- Four-corner/four-square vocabulary chart overview

abc lesson
letter sound recovery