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Welcome to our MATH & SCIENCE HOUSE home page.

September 15th

Professional development was provided today on ARIS and how to create groups. Teachers have been given rubrics and team sheets and have been advised all information can be found on the wiki under "teacher team info".

October 20
The following definition was taken from Wikipedia:
Colleagues are those explicitly united in a common purpose and respecting each other's abilities to work toward that purpose.
This past Thursday during our house meeting we discussed the necessity to share our classrooms with our colleagues and fellow students from other houses. Further, we discussed etiquette that should be adhered to. Some suggestions were:
-BYOS (bring your own supplies)
-Travelling teacher must have access to projector, smart board, chalkboard and be able to re-arrange desks/groups as needed .
-Travelling teacher must return desks/groups to its original configuration.
Do you have suggestions? Visit our wiki and let us know. Thank you in advance for your collegiality!
The following was taken from the Harvard Business Review:
3 Steps to Prepare an Effective Presentation

Delivering a successful presentation requires careful preparation. Next time you're getting ready to present, follow these three steps.
  • Create a clear narrative. Don't start by creating slides. First get your story down, and design slides or collect data to illustrate that compelling narrative.
  • Do a dry run. Read through the slides aloud. Do it seated in front of your computer screen so that you don't have to think about your body language.
  • Rehearse without slides. Finally, do a run-through while standing in a vacant conference room without your slides. This will allow you to concentrate on the story, as well as your eye contact, gestures, posture, and voice.
Presentations, in business, are of paramount importance. If they don’t engage their clients upon its onset, it could cost a company millions of dollars! Our presentations/mini-lessons are equally important and have profound impact on our students (clients) as we progress throughout the school year.

Extended Day Letter/Permission Slip for 37.5 minute session

January 24
Math & Science House Meeting
1)Upcoming Quality Review
-concentrate on 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
-PPT team is currently in the process of developing a new procedure for intervention of students
-more information to follow
3)Upcoming Assessments
-students are currently being assessed in all subject areas and Acuity
-SWD students should have extra time if needed
-resource room should provide that extra time
4)Student of the Month
-thank you Ms. Aleshin
-please provide assistance to Ms. Aleshin, as needed
5)School Safety
-more hallsweeps
6)Welcome back Mr. Golden

March-April House Meeting April 4th

1) Test Schedule
  1. Concerns should be emailed to Mr. Bolan
  2. Reason why we conduct a “Mock” Assessment is to iron out kinks.
  3. More students than ever before
  4. More testing accommodations than ever before
  5. No more Tuesday schedules

2) A.M. Assistant Principal Schedule
  1. We are assigned to Basket Ball Courts
  2. We move students in at 8:08-8:10
  3. Students in the hallway
  4. Morning students need passes

3) Instruction
  1. Each lesson must have a learning objective
  2. Test preparation should be targeted by skill
  3. Multiple groups/multiple skills