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team met and discussion was about state 8 grade nys test.different strategies and resources were discussed,how to use and what
topics to emphasize,show your work,...

5/7 room 206a-team meeting was about math regents exam coming up.we went over pacing,where we are, and what should be still covered.
5/14- follow last week meeting,we looked over different resources,old regents exams,and other material available.we are also coordinating regents practice
tests for the three classes.

Sept 26, 2011

Location: Room 206A

Attendees:Palmeri, Napolitano, Bauer

  • Need for adjustments to our uniform curriculum map
  • Flow of curriculum map established by our cohort
  • From class 821, 822, 823 we spoke about possible academic concerns within sp groups

Oct 17, 2011

Location: Room 206A

Attendees: Palmeri, Napolitano, Bauer
  • Importance of Pacing with Chapter 3-6
  • Distributed the Prentice Hall Integrated Algebra Review Book.
  • The possible timeline for implementing this resource during the school year.

Nov 7 , 2011

Location Rm.206a

Attendees :Napolitano (at PD), Palmeri, Bauer

Pacing and order of chapters in PH Algebra book. A suggestion was to do a pre-assessment after ch.4 on ch.9 (polynomials), and then continue with ch.5,
since graphing will be involved in future chapters.
Web resources were exchanged,as well as worksheets and quizzes.
Pacing & topics for general ed classes were discussed as well.

Nov 21, 2011

Location: Rm 206A

Attendees: Napolitano, Palmeri, Bauer

Items Discussed:

SP pacing calendar. We are both beginning Chapter 5 with our students. We discussed possible problems with the materials and particular things we should stress with the classes.

8th grade pacing calendar. We are both beginning algebraic expressions and equations with our classes leading up to inequalities. We discussed how our students often have difficulties with algebraic expressions and techniques we can use to help them with this.

December 4, 2011

Items Discussed:

SP pacing
Graphing Calculators
Mathematics Conference in March

December 19, 2011

Items Discussed:

SP pacing & importance of Chapter 6(linear equations & graphs)
Discussed possible class choices for Mathematics Conference in March
Decided on H.W. packet(coach booklet) for SP class for December break