Expectations of Homeroom Teachers
Homeroom teachers play a vital role in establishing a positive working relationship among the school, students and parents. It is expected that all homeroom teachers will display a genuine appreciation for students and encourage them to stay in school, attend all classes and do his/her best. In order to ensure the safety of all students and staff and ensure an academically and socially productive day, the roles and responsibilities of a homeroom teacher include but are not limited to the following:
  • All homeroom teachers should be in their classes ready to greet children at 8:10am
  • Establish a routine that all students will follow on a daily basis
    • Take down all chairs.
    • Hang outer garments in closets.
    • Remain seated and listen for morning announcements.
    • Before dismissing students to first period class, be sure all chairs are pushed in and all waste is discarded.
    • Take accurate attendance
      • Attendance folders should not be sent down before 8:25am
      • House AP, dean and guidance counselor must be immediately notified via email if any student is absent for 3 consecutive days or demonstrates a pattern of lateness or poor attendance.
      • Remain with your students in homeroom for the duration of the homeroom period. Students should NEVER be without adult supervision.
      • Notify House AP, dean and guidance counselor of any special family situations such as divorce, death or serious illness in the family, parents out of town, living with relatives etc.
      • Conduct initial orientation for all students, including assigning a “buddy” to new students upon their arrival.
      • Monitor the standards of behavior and personal appearance of students in your homeroom class.