Welcome to the ELA Department

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan and Ms. Collins-Smith co-facilitated.

Congratulations to those who presented. We will try to have the teachers and their students present to everyone next week.

BQ Day
Teachers will be attending a PD with Ms. Collins-Smith. In the afternoon, we will be given time to grade our blacklines and baselines. There may be additional students but all blacklines must be submitted to Ms. Collins-Smith by tomorrow.The sheets need to be scanned by Monday, June 11th.

The baselines need to be graded and put on Assessment Tracker by Tuesday, June 12th.

Field Test
There will be a field test for the Sixth Grade only on Friday, June 8th periods 1 and 2.

Achieve 3000
Students need to complete the LevelSet Assessments in order for us to generate the end of the year report.

Special Education Portfolios
Ms. Taylor raised a valid point that we are being asked to provide work for the special education teachers for their portfolios. Mr. Bolan stated he will speak with Ms. Askew. Ms. Council stated that she is not comfortable signing her name to the paperwork. It was the understanding that the Special Education teachers would keep their own portfolios with work and not request work from the General Education teachers. Ms. Hines stated that Special Education teachers were told to consult with the General Education teachers.

Meeting ended at 10;20am.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Ms. Collins-Smith facilitated the meeting while Mr. Bolan met with the SQR team.

Achieve 3000
Teachers should be keeping up with the progress of the students. We have been working with our poetry units but need to revisit this. Training will occur on June 5th.

Writing Matters
Teachers need to administer the post-assessment writing baseline(same one as the pre-assessment). Ms. Collins-Smith said if we start administration within the next week, we would like to aim for the second week of June for scoring of them. Mr. Bolan joined us to make the determination of when we will meet to score. It will be adjourned til next meeting.
Data Collection
Looking at the binders, we have completed a lot of work that has shown growth in the department.

Mr. Bolan will have a meeting with Ms. Council in reference to who and what will be working this night, May 31st.

Assessment Portfolios
We have the blackline masters to complete. Mr. Bolan stated he will put a list of the students that need to have them.

Rigor Relevance and Relationships is a workshop that Mr. Bolan will facilitate for next meeting.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan and Ms. Collins-Smith facilitated the meeting.

Mr. Bolan reiterated the the fact that we have much to accomplish before the close of the school year.

Writing Matters
All data must be inputed into the Assessment tracker by today. Ms. Gentile will be here tomorrow to compile the report using all the data collected.

Classroom Environment
If you share a room, it must reflect all of the work being done in the room.
Word Walls, Work with feedback that includes next steps and clean environment.
Turn and Talk going on in the classroom, differentiated graphic organizers can be used such as one with prompts, one with a few prompts and one without prompts.
You should have lesson plans for both days.

SINI Review
The Mock Review was very well received but last week's CFN review reminds us that we have to get back toregular routines.
Review our last issue of Leverage with the checklist for classrooms.
ICT teachers need to be actively engaged in the lesson. One should not be doing all the teaching and the other standing watching.

Achieve 3000 PD
The final assessment is starting May 21st and needs to be administered. Professional development is scheduled for June 5th.

Blackline Masters
The list looks less than what we anticipated. It is about 200 kids grades 6-8.

It was the editorial unit. Each child should have one with the task, rubric, rough draft and final draft.

Meeting ended at 10:38am.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan facilitated. Ms. Collins-Smith is scoring state exams.

Achieve 3000PD
There is one more day of professional development scheduled for June 5th. The main focus is how to use your data from Achieve 3000.

Blackline Masters
We are preparing folders for students who scored 2.3 or less from last year's Spring State Exams. For ELA classwork, one piece in the folder. It needs the task, scoring rubric, drafts and final piece. We will begin the process on Monday, May 14th.

ELA Night
We are able to have ELA Night on a Thursday, May 31st in our own rooms if your would like.

Rachel's Challenge
If your class attended the assembly, you should be collecting poetry pieces.

Ideas for MP4 include an online test through Acuity, Achieve 3000 and Performance Series. Mr. Carroll would like to have both hardcopy and online. Ms. Wyckoff agreed as well, since the computers don't always work.

For next meeting, we should look at the curriculum maps in order to revise for next year as a team.

Mr. Bolan stated as a team we will shine for the SQR. We are already doing much of what the expectations are. Meeting ended at 10:38am.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Ms. Collins-Smith is scoring ELA, so Mr. Bolan facilitated.
State Testing
This year was much more hectic than usual. It was three days instead of two and timing extended. It was raised by Ms. Munz that there must be a better way of dealing with relief during the test. Most of the teachers were happy about the idea of having the same person start and end, so there was a consistency.
For Next Year, Mr. Bolan stated that on DAY 2 there should be more defined time for proctors.Teachers stated that the proctors that were non-ELA teachers didn't know how to time after reading the selection.
The State Quality Review is scheduled for May 23rd and May 24th. The DIT has created a checklist for the review which will be emailed to staff this week. The administration will be asked to produce binders that show how we are meeting the needs of our ELLs and SWDS. We do not know which rooms they will enter. They want to see rigorous work and student centered learning with higher order thinking questions.
Ms. Guadalupe suggested that at teacher team meetings, we should check in with Special Education teachers to see if any students' IEPs have been updated.
ELA Night
Mr. Bolan stated he will speak to Mr. Burns about having it on a Thursday. Ms. Council suggested that we do no later than the first week of June.
It was suggested that we consider the performance series or acuity to create an assessment that can be scored. Teachers would need to create one.
Poetry/Rachel's Challenge
Teachers should be incorporating Rachel's Challenge into their units.
Meeting ended at 10:38am.

Check out why Acuity has not been recorded on ARIS.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan thanked teachers for being so focused through these last stressful weeks before the NYS exams.
Teachers were asked to discuss with a partner or small group about what they feel was positive this year.
  • Students came out of their shells. Ms. Collins-Smith felt that she is able to share more ideas in the classroom that she wasn't able to do before.
  • Student progress was expressed across the room by many teachers as improving.
  • Sharing of materials.
  • Students are asking more questions even though they are not the most well-behaved.
  • Support by teachers and other support staff.
As AP of department, Mr. Bolan stated that with the CCLS and curriculum expectations can be overwhelming. He feels that we are ahead of the curve and are making great progress.
ELA Exam
Mr. Bolan discussed the schedule for the exams. The bell schedule will be adjusted to meet greater continuity and maximizing of the time. Periods will be 31 minutes each with 4 minutes for passing.
The state review is scheduled for May 23rd and May 24th. We are having it because we didn't meet AYP with our ELLS and SWDs. They will be looking at our libraries, pair share, delivery of instruction, differentiation of instruction means complexity of text given to all students and how it is scaffolded. They will be visiting all classes, but they are not limited in where they can go.
ELA Night
The date is to be determined. Mr. Bolan asked that we email him anyone who is interested in working that night.
Holiday Packets
Grade 6 has an online acuity exam if anyone is interested in using it. Grade 7 and 8 teachers need to see Ms. Collins-Smith
Spring Break
High 2's and those taking the test for the first time. Ms. Sapp, Ms. Melendez and Mr. Conlon will be working the program during the Spring Break. Notices will be given to those eligible students.
Meeting adjourned at 10:38am.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Teachers assembled and discussed their students' results as part of a quick share-out.
MP3 Results
Mr. Bolan and Ms. Collins-Smith distributed the breakdown of the MP3 Assessment results both by classes and as an entire grade. Teachers were asked to review the data for about 5 minutes and share out to the group.
It was noted that on the 6th grade exam:
  • stamina issue still,
  • best/most likely questions need to be reviewed.
  • students are choosing answers that make sense but are not supported by evidence from the passage.
  • highlighters should be encouraged or underlining of key points.
Faculty conference is scheduled for Monday, April 16, 2012.
Students should be using the full 90 minutes each day of testing. Emphasize the need to go over their tests before the time is up. The expectation for proctors is to be professional. Student booklets must remain with students throughout the testing time. If a child falls asleep, do not wake up. Record the time and they should be given the time at a later time.
If there are any students that didn't receive testing accommodations, please send Ms. Askew an email ASAP.
Mr. Powers has been modeling the listening and notetaking skills to select classes.
Meeting ended at 10:38am.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan is attending the Testing Coordinator meeting, so Ms. Collins-Smith facilitated the meeting. She reviewed the norms of the meeting and reiterated the fact that we should be adhering to them.
ELA Mock Test
Teachers will receive rosters in the classroom folders of students who will be tested in other locations. Testing materials will be available in Room 110 after 8:00am. If there are any questions or concerns before, during and after the test, please email Mr. Bolan immediately. Everyone should have the revised schedule by 4th period today.
MP3 Assessment
Once we get back the grids from the mock simulation, we will begin scanning them. Mr. Bolan stated that by Thursday afternoon we should have the results. Ms. Collins-Smith stated that we have two machines, so the latest will be Friday morning. These scores will be counted in the MP3 report card grades.
ELA Family Night
This is tentatively scheduled for May. Please email Karen Phillips if you plan to present.
Reading/Writing ELA Assessment
Ms. Collins-Smith distributed copies of previous years tests for our new teachers.

Meeting ended at 10:38am.
Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan and Ms. Collins-Smith discussed the items on the agenda.
ELA Night
It is scheduled for May. Anyone that is planning to work it needs to email Mr. Bolan ASAP by today, 3/14.
Academy during the April Break
Anyone interested in working, email Mr. Bolan today. We need to find out which students to target and place with teachers. SES was not feasible, since out of 300 applications, only 39 were approved.
It was recommended that teachers utilize the Coach books and test preparation materials. We need to get the students mindful of what is coming for April's tests.
Ms. Guadalupe reenforced the fact that we didn't meet AYP for our ELLS. Teachers should be working with these students and seeing that you are need.
MP3 Assessment
The ELA simulation is scheduled for Tuesday, March 20th. Students will be placed according to their accommodations. Grids, envelopes and class lists with OSIS numbers on it for teachers to be sent to the Teacher's Center by Friday, March 16th. If you teach 3 classes, there should be three envelopes with gridded OSIS numbers on them. We plan to use these scores for MP3 grades. It was suggested by Ms. Ravizee and Ms. Council that we should model for other staff how to read the listening selection. Ms. Hines suggested that we model in our teacher teams.
Model LIstening By Mr. Powers
Ms. Linda Hoffman is unavailable. Mr. Powers will be assisting us with this.
Writing Matters
Ms. Gentile of Writing Matters, has posted lessons on the WM217 website. They are poetry lessons and can be used if you want to. Ms. Sapp mentioned a site that is similar to billionaire jeopardy.
Meeting ended at 10:38am.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Ms. Collins-Smith reviewed the norms for the meeting. We are encouraging active listening and professionalism.
  • ELA Listening/Writing- Ms. Hoffman is not available. It was suggested by Ms. Council that we utilize the librarian, Mr. Powers.
  • Bulletin boards-We still are noticing that they are not rigorous enough. Mr. Bolan suggested staff look at Mr. Conlon's and Ms. Melendez's boards. Please update to meet the standards.
  • The SINI review is still impending.
  • MP3- ends March 23rd. The MP3 Assessment was scheduled for the 14th or the 21st.
  • ELA Test Dates- April 17, 18, 19. Makeup dates 4/20 to 5/2.
  • Writing Matters-Poetry Units- We will start this after the test. We should be analyzing poetry and figurative language in classrooms now in preparation for the test.
  • Note Taking- Ms. Collins-Smith reviewed how to teach students to take notes. Some teachers teach students to take notes on the second reading and listen for the first reading. Others tell students to take notes during both readings. It was suggested that we put the questions on the class pages online or chart it on paper or your elmo. Be resourceful and try your best to engage students in the reading. Model for them how notes should look. Ms. Collins-Smith had Ms. Gega, Ms. Sapp and Ms. Council model the January 2009 listening selection for teachers. They looked at pace and annunciation of the words in the selection. You can check for exemplars on the NYS education site. Meeting ended at 10:38am.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012.
Meeting began at 10:00am. Ms. Collins-Smith reviewed the norms for the meeting- Equity of voice, active listening/limit side-bar conversation, Exercise Professional Responsibilities and Kindness.
Mr. Bolan discussed what a great turnout for conferences last night. He reminded teachers that we should not be using the Coach book for full periods. You can teach a lesson and supplement with the Coach books.
Teachers were asked to peruse the article, "Dealing with Testing Hysteria" that was distributed as they walked in to the meeting. It would normally be sent via email, but system is being updated.

Common Core Task
Grade 6- Write a persuasive/explanatory essay
Grade 7- Write an editorial with counterarguments
Grade 8-Write an editorial with counterarguments using 4 articles that are research based.
After consultation with Nate from CFN, teachers could have the students write on one topic if necessary. In the packet provided by Ms. Collins-Smith, the standards were asked.
We need to complete the editorial task before May, due in part to it being referenced in the school's Comprehensive Educational Plan. The writing may be up on a bulletin board but we need to have samples and revisions in their portfolios.
MP3 Assessment
The marking period ends March 29th. When would be a good time to implement? It was suggested by Ms. Guadalupe that we do this when we do the simulation for the ELA exam. This would mean testing accommodations for those who get extra time.
Test Practice
Ms. Collins-Smith suggested that we have a lesson aligned to the test materials. Ms. Sapp stated she takes parts from old ELA tests and gives it for homework. Ms. Taylor stated that it was a good idea.
We will examine the poetry unit for the next meeting. Meeting ended at 10:38am.
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meeting began at 10:00 am. Mr. Bolan requested information about Acuity issues be emailed to him and repeated norms, such as not grading of paperwork during meeting.

Teachers in small groups discussed what had been done in the past with Acuity. One group shared that teachers could view what skills students had problems with and assign work to be completed in class. Also, the alignment to CCLS and state standards are available and it was brought up that the Acuity may not be as rigorous as the Coach materials. Another group shared that tests could be created or pre-made tests are available online; note, that teachers need to check that it is not a test that the department will issue. Furthermore, distractors from the test are also identified for each class. Another teacher noted that Coach has skills broken out as well. Expectations from Mr. Bolan were: everyone should be checking the data, aligning to the students' needs and directing instruction to meet their needs.

Regarding Coach, it can not be used for an entire period; it can be used during 37 1/2 minutes; and it can be used for differentiated instruction to meet students' needs at the beginning or end of the period.

Listening passages will be addressed on next week's agenda: Ms. Hoffman or not.

Expectations for Instruction: Handout was distributed. Administration would like to see the objective addressed throughout lesson, as well as the CCLS -- even if it is on a PowerPoint. For example, it should be reinforced at the beginning or end of the lesson. Coach used as sound instruction practice and not done 24/7. Mini-lesson with modeling and conclusion needed in lesson. Share out and conclusion not always getting done with the bell ringing so take two minutes to ensure that the objective has been met and assessment attained via questions or exit ticket. Rigor on back of handout relates to Webb's Depth of Knowledge with critical thinking. Finally, although Mr. Bolan's will try to met with all for pre-ops, he will not necessarily give the exact day or period. He wants all of us to be prepared all the time and he's always fair; he expects us to be professional and be ready with lessons including a beginning, middle and end. Further, he understands that all the bells and whistles may not be present.

Mid-winter assignment will go out via an email from Doreen and Ed.

Also, ELA night will be in March and you must email Karen if you are participating.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan introduced us to his mentor, Mrs. Mary Hughes, who was an Assistant Principal here at MS 217Q back in 2001.Mr. Bolan shared his experiences from the TERC training on Friday. Teachers were asked to look at a selection of pictures and describe how they feel about the students. Our expectations and frustrations are normal but we have to accept that we will not reach everyone.
Highlight of the Week- Ms. Nelson and her ESL classes examined the complex text of Dr. King's encounter in Birmingham, Alabama.
The team liked what they saw. It was stated that students in the sixth and seventh grade did not feel challenged whereas, the eighth graders felt challenged. Teachers said it was possible that students may not have understood what challenge means. The behavior of students was better than expected. Teachers in the hallways.
Concern: They do not see rigor and higher order thinking going on in the classroom. They suggested
  • You look at your lessons and have 3 higher order thinking questions embedded in them.
  • We may ask kids questions but don't give enough time to think about it or respond.
  • We are not asking enough WHY? questions. Students should be thinking about their work and having accountable talk. How are you meeting the needs of an ELL or SWD?
Mr. Carroll reminded teachers that we should be working on listening skills and notetaking skills. Mr. Bolan stated he wants to see how students did on the Acuity tests before we plan the simulation.
SINI Review
This visit is not announced. They do not interview us. They just walk in and take notes on what they observe.
Mr. Bolan attended a professional development workshop for supervisors yesterday. It was stated that there needs to be more planning in the areas of:
1.Differentiated Instruction
2.Graphic organizers
3. Guided Reading- It has to be a rigorous piece. Mr. Bolan stated that in Mr. Caroll's room, he noticed the text was a higher level but they were engaged and focused on the lesson. The text may be above their level but you have to model for them and get them to that level.
Ms. Guadalupe suggested that we should have a professional development with Diana Devito from the CFN on instructional strategies, so we all can be on the same page.
Mr. Bolan reminded us to check our email and read the articles in order to enrich our lessons.
  • Coach books are ordered but they are not in as yet.
  • Mid-winter assignments depending on when the Coach books come in, will come from there and can be supplemented with your own work. It was suggested that we use Acuity to provide additional work for students.
Mr. Bolan will check with Acuity to see when the results will be available. Meeting ended at 10:38am.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan showed the video on Rigor in the Classroom. You can google what is rigor and it is the third video. We need to keep rigor in our minds when we plan instruction for our classes. Mr. Bolan attended a professional development on leadership for supervisors. It highlighted three areas that we need to consider.
-knowledge of students
-Content is rigorous
-Role of facilitator
-Group work and collaboration
-making connections and referencing areas in other content areas.
-Research is an important element to show rigor.
-Defining what rigor is for teachers and expectations.
Questioning, higher order thinking
Any professional development that you think can benefit.

Mr. Bolan mentioned that teachers should be creating rigorous tasks in their lessons. The Department of Education site under teacher page, has created bundles that we can use. We should be aware of what is there, if asked by the reviewers.
All materials must be returned to B27-Ms. Collins-Smith by Monday at 2:00pm.
Students with extended time should be given the time. It may be difficult to accommodate all but do your best.

The results were distributed at the last meeting. There will be an MP3 for that test at a later date. Ms. Aleshin stated that the acuity test had quite a few of the most likely, best, questions. We need to review such questions in preparation for the NYS ELA Exam.

Writing Matters
The old site was blocked. Ms. Gentile set up a new site on the wikispaces. You will be redirected to:
docs.google.com/a/vanwyckjhs.org. The username is teacher and the password is assessment.
We should be working on our Editorial units and Ms. Gentile will be meeting with teachers who need assistance. It was suggested that there needs to be more cross curriculum planning in our team meetings. This would assist ELA teachers in meeting the needs of our students without all of the work being placed on them.

Mr. Bolan stated he has seen many lessons in classrooms. He would like teachers to place emphasis on:
1.Mini-lesson-teachers are not emphasizing a specific skill.
2.Share sessions- are good but we need to give students time to formulate and consider ideas.
3.Conclusion-every lesson should have a one, reinforcing what was learned and a summary of the lesson. This is important since students need to have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions and have closure on a lesson.
We need to keep our eye on the timing of a lesson.

Next Meeting
The CFN team may attend our next meeting where we will be looking at the complexity of texts.
Meeting ended at 10:38am.

ELA Department Meeting Minutes
prepared by Mavis E. Shein
Meeting held in room 107 January 18, 2012 Period 3
Meeting led by Assistant Principal: Mr. E. Bolan ELA department teachers present, Grades 6, 7, - 8 Attendance taken.
The meeting began with a video presentation entitled 'Shift Happens'...
The following is a synopsis of the video:
The future success of the human race is based upon our abilities to incorporate and keep up with technology.
Advanced fiber optic technology and computer usage has dramatically increased since the 1990s and shifted or changed the way we think, act and learn.
Younger generations utilize and incorporate social media and technology into their everyday lives and practices.
As a race, we have to continue to embrace change and shifts in the way we think. Questions to consider: 1. How are you, as school professionals, helping children to become literate? What is your vision? What resources are being provided to facilitate learning?
Following the video the following comments were made:
Miss Hines agreed with the video content stating..."The way we teach is not going to prepare kids for the future. They need to be taught the skills"
Miss Gega concurred. Mr. Bolan queried the group as to why the video was important to the group? Ms. T Taylor replied so as to remind the teachers to reinforce the use of technology in the classroom. Ms Brondolo responded in agreement stating we have to adapt to a changing world. Miss Sapp stated that we need to collaborate with students from around the world in order to address the issue of higher levels of achievement in other countries. Mr. Bolan concurred that in his previous school, especially in the foreign language department student projects consisted of 'visiting' other countries via the use of video conferencing. He suggested we utilize that method here as well. KEY ISSUE: WE MUST BE CONSCIOUS OF CHANGES WE CAN IMPLEMENT TO PRODUCE BETTER RESULTS FOR SUCCESS. The video will be used in upcoming Assembly Programs.
NEXT TOPIC: WRITING MATTERS WORKSHOP Held Jan 11. Manhattan Location. Miss Gentile not present at today's meeting. Those in attendance shared.
Teachers reviewed Editorial Unit. How to model editorial/persuasive writing. How to identity and utilize valuable reference materials to substantiate persuasvie essays.
Miss Sapp mentioned a website that she was using entitled the Power of Positive Persuasion. She will let us know the website.

TWO definitions of RIGOR were displayed. First definition developed by Barbara Blackburn:
Rigor is creating an environment in which each student is expected to learn at high levels. Each student is supported so that he or she can learn at high levels. Each student demonstrates learning at high levels.
Second definition developed by MS217 teachers: Rigor is challenging work that is thorough and accurate. The task should engage the entire class and consist of measurable outcomes. Challenging
and differentiated tasks and instruction should be alIgned with the CCSS and the curriculum.
The two definitions of Rigor were compared and contrasted by the group:
Miss Gega said she saw no alignment with the CCSS in the first definition.
Miss Sapp said the first definition left out the role of student engagement.
Miss Brondolo said the first definition left out differentiated tasks.
The entire group concurred with these assessments agreeing the first definition of Rigor offered by Barbara Blackburn was too simplistic, overly generalized and vague. Our definition in contrast was more useful to our needs here at MS217.
MR. BOLAN stressed the importance of utilizing higher order/thinking levels of questioning. He commended Mrs. Walters for her excellent questioning techniques she utilized in her classroom.
A comparison chart was viewed: Negative Indicators in Questioning Vs. Positive Indicators in Questioning:
Negative Indicators do not allow for high level critical analysis and creative thinking. Simple didactic exchanges between teacher and student, i.e., yes/ no replies, offer little opportunity for higher level thinking and engagement. Positive Indicators encourage students to exchange and develop ideas in small groups and extend the thought process with written responses, journal entries or exit ticket writing. Students must be given the opportunity to analyze, synthesize, evaluate and formulate their own conclusions through the high order thinking learning process as it is related to questioning.Finally, teachers must remember to allow students TIME TO THINK AND TIME TO RESPOND. A new version of Bloom's Taxonomy rotating wheel chart was presented and will be forwarded to all teachers via email/link.
TEST DATA FOR MP2 WAS REVIEWED. Mr. Carroll spoke for the 8th grade by stating that DISTRACTORS caused a great loss of points. He stated students need to READ CLOSELY AND UNDERSTAND FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE. Daisy Guadalupe spoke for the 6th grade when she stated that STAMINA was an issue. She also stated that students should be taught to check work "back to front".
Mr. Bolan stated that he spoke to a test representative who told him that the following phrases would be found on the upcoming ELA test:.....".FIND THE ANSWER MOST LIKELY TO....." AND ....."PICK THE BEST ANSWER.."
As these phrases caused some confusion to the students practice test he suggested we practice and utilize these phrases in our classes when reviewing work.

Departmental Meeting
Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan stated that the next few weeks will be hectic.
Famiy Fun Night
It will be February 3, 2012 will be occurring during the week of the CFN Review. It is also Sustainability week and teachers are asked to incorporate our Green Magnet themes into their lessons.
Achieve 300 Level Set
There are about 300 students that have not had a Level Set test administered. Please review your lists and make sure that we are monitoring the progress of our students especially, the ELLS and SWDs, which are our areas that we didn't meet AYP. Ms. Smith mentioned that there is a webinar on test taking strategies that we may consider viewing.
MP2 Assessment Results- DIT Findings
Our Data Inquiry Team spent 3 hours examining the results. We could not definitively state why they did so poorly on the test. There was no distinct distractor identified. Mr. Burns and Mr. Bolan will speak to the students during assemblies about the need to stay focused and to take the tests seriously. Mr. Bolan noted that during observations, students refer back to the selection and find textual evidence but are not doing it during tests.
Mr. Carroll shared his findings about the 8th grade test. He was shocked at the results especially, the SP classes. He noticed that question 12 was an inferential question but so many got it wrong. He stated that the poem was difficult and there is a disconnect when they are reading. The reading level of students are not at the levels of the eighth grade. Mr. Bolan says that this will be an issue for a few years until our students bridge the achievement gap using the Common Core State Standards.
Grade 6-Ms. Guadalupe stated that there was a stamina issue. Students need to read more carefully. We found that vocabulary and figurative language remains to be diffficult for our students.
Mr. Bolan distributed the Quality Review Expectations. Teachers noticed the Danielson's Framework for Teaching addition to the Quality Review. The visitors will be looking at the quality of work and classroom appearances. Some teachers have classroom goals or individual goals. The highest form of engagement is when students take responsibility for the question and answer techniques. We want to see "why" questions and explain how they arrived at their answers. The level of rigor has to rise.
Meeting ended at 10:38am.

Departmental Meeting
Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan welcomed back our ELA department. He mentioned the CFN Review is scheduled for February 1, 2012 and the SINI Review could be at any time, so we just need to stay positive, move forward and try to improve.
Mr. Bolan sent out articles to staff that is worth examining. He recommended that we utilize what we have in front of us. Smartboards and ELMOS should be used not all the time but most of the time.
Targeted Group: ELL Students with High 2s.
Mr. Bolan distributed a list of students that are ELL students that are high 2s. We would like to move them to 3s. From time to time, administrators will be stopping in to see how you are meeting the needs of these students. Our ELLS has been underperforming for the last 2 years. We will be starting our afterschool ESL program this week after school for those who have signed up.
ELA MP2 Assessment Results
Ms. Collins-Smith discussed the results of the periodic assessment. The seventh grade as a whole did not do well. She didn't look at the sixth and eighth grade sets as yet. We are not sure why they did so poorly, possibly not focused or unmotivated. She will be doing a breakdown analysis for each grade.
Writing Matters Training
Ms. Gentile stated there will be all day training on editorials and feature articles on Wednesday, January 11th at the Teaching Matters site. Ms. Collins-Smith stated she gave out copies of the editorials folder(we will not be using the Editorials book).
Burning Issues
We will be ordering Coach Books for the students today. It is not the end all when it comes to test prep. We should be using other sources when working with the students. The question was raised about the use of Ms. Hoffman for the listening and notetaking skills as in the past. Mr. Bolan stated he will speak to Mr. Burns.
ELA Parent's NIght
It was originally scheduled for January 12th. It has been pushed back to the end of the month.

Departmental Meeting
Wednesday,December 21, 2011
Meeting began at 10:00am. Ms. Collins-Smith welcomed back Ms. Clark and her new baby, Anisa. Please try to finish your response to literature units before the break or by the first week that we come back. We will begin the second week (January 9th), the Editorials unit from Writing Matters.
Vocabulary Strategies
Diana Devito from CFN came last week to train our special education department and select teachers on vocabulary strategies. Ms. Guardado shared with the teachers one strategy (Four Corners - Definition/Synonym of the word, Antonym, Sentence and Picture). You should use Tier 2 words which are the words contained in the story that you must teach. Ms. Collins-Smith stated she will reproduce the vocabulary packet that they used at the Special Education meeting for the ELA teachers.
Holiday Packets
They are being run off as we speak. If there are any teachers who are aware of students leaving early, we will try to get the packets today. It will be distributed tomorrow, Thursday, to all ELA teachers.

Departmental Communication
Mr. Bolan stated that he asked teachers to check email each day morning and evening. If you are unsure whether or not something is occurring, email Mr. Bolan or call at ext. 228.
Achieve 3000 Teacher Data
We have teachers who aren't utilizing the Teenbiz program by checking the progress of the students. Each teacher should be doing this, in order to show evidence that we are meeting the needs of our students. Ms. Shein reminded the group that the thought question essay activity is graded and scored by the teacher.
In Cabinet meeting yesterday, Mr. Bolan stated that we should be able to substantiate and show evidence of teachers utilizing the resources in order to meet the the needs of the students.
Results of The Walk Through By Administration
Learning Objectives are too broad. No standard is posted. Students should be aware of what the objective is and the standard. There will be a refresher course with Ms. Collins-Smith on writing clear, measurable learning objectives. We pride
ourselves on being a technology school. We all have smartboards and are not being utilized. Some are using it as a screen and not for its educational potential. They saw teachers using their ELMOs and projectors.
Mr. Bolan will be distributing the list of ELLS who are in our classes that will be taking the NYS Exams.. We need to be aware of who they are and how we are meeting their needs. How are these students doing in your class?
There is a small percentage of ELLS who are high 2's that can be 3s. We need to be aware of who they are and what we are doing to get them to a 3.
We need to be conscious of building stamina in preparation for the NYS ELA Exam.

We will revisit the issue of Achieve 3000 at the next meeting. Meeting ended at 10:40am.
Minutes for ELA Department Meeting

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Period 3

Location: Room 107

Facilitators: Mr. Bolan and Ms. Collins-Smith

Attendees: ELA Staff Members and Ms. Gentile (Writing Matters Facilitator)


Agenda Items

  • Gathering
Staff members greeted one another and signed attendance sheet.
Agendas were passed out.
  • Internal Assessment –Week of December 5, 2011
Ms. Collins-Smith thanked participating members of the ELA Department for creating the Internal Assessment that will be administered to all students during the week of December 5, 2011.

Mr. Carroll shared with the group that vocabulary is a problem area for all grades. He further noted that teacher created assessments should be tailored with that in mind.

Ms. Collins-Smith pointed out that the Internal Assessment would consist of two booklets. Part one will include multiple-choice questions 1-41. Teachers were reminded to distribute scantrons and also make sure that each student’s I.D. Number is listed correctly before submission.

  • Achieve 3000 Training
Mr. Bolan asked staff members if their students finished the Reading Performance Series.

Ms. Aleshin asked for clarification in reference to the reading program’s classification of reading levels in relation to our data from other school-wide assessments.

Mr. Bolan announced that Achieve 3000 training would be held on Friday, December 2, 2011.

Mr. Bolan asked teachers to submit requests to have a trainer with the company visit their classroom for support.

  • Mini Lesson / Lesson Plan

Mr. Bolan announced that pre-observations would be held before a formal observation would be conducted.

Mr. Bolan reminded teachers to have the learning objective and standards posted in a visible area in the classroom during each instructional period.

Mr. Bolan promised to provide feedback as soon as possible.

  • Rigor

Ms. Collins-Smith and Ms. Gentile asked teachers to offer their ideas about rigorous lesson planning from an instructional standpoint.

Teachers were asked to offer insight about their students’ behavior and work product in a rigorous instructional setting.

Both presenters observed that our classrooms already show evidence of rigor.

  • Writing Matters

Both presenters suggested that teachers visit the Writing Matters online classroom or binders to include sample essays in their lesson plans for the Response to Literature Unit.

  • Open Agenda- Questions/ Concerns

Mr. Bolan encouraged teachers to use the newly distributed leveled libraries to further support differentiated instruction in the classroom.

Mr. Bolan reminded teachers to update their classroom bulletin boards on a monthly basis.

Ms. Ravizee requested that traveling teachers contribute to the classroom environment by also posting student work.
Departmental Meeting
Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan wanted to remind teachers to check their email for information and articles related to what we are working on as a department. Mr. Bolan talked about the basic protocol and process for a SINI Review.Questions that teachers should contemplate are:
How are we using the leveled libraries? What specifically are you using to meet the needs of those targeted students?
There will be an afterschool program for the ELLS two days a week and a Saturday program to name a few things that we will be implementing.Teachers should review the handout on SINI to implement what they will be looking for during the review.
Ms. Aleshin asked if the elective teachers have a specific curriculum to teach since there seems to be a disconnect with what is being done in these classes and not supporting ELA.
Ms. Collins-Smith distributed a handout on what was discussed on Election Day. She asked everyone to review and share feedback on what was found. Thank you to all teachers for completing the Periodic Reading Assessment. Scanning will be done this week, so if you didn't submit your scan sheets, please do so. Mr. Bolan reminded students about viewing the testing document with the breakdown of the test. There was a big difference from Grade 5 to Grade 6 in Standard 2.
Ms. Taylor asked if there was any way that we could get Coach books. Mr. Bolan stated he would speak to Mr. Burns. Teachers voiced their opinion about the afterschool programs, Saint John"s and Queens Community not meeting the needs of our students. They are not assisting students with homework and students are running wild in the classrooms and hallways. Mr. Bolan assured staff that he would speak to Mr. Burns.
Professional Development
December 19th, Nate from CFN will be presenting the Six Shifts of the Common Core State Standards in the morning and the afternoon will be Ms. Collins-Smith presenting. It is an all day professional development in the library. It was suggested that we could work on the Common Core ELA task that the department will be implementing. Ms. Collins-Smith suggested that we examine the bundles at the Common Core site. Response to Literature student work are due before we go on the December break. The second week of January we should be starting Editorials. The ELA structure is 4 periods for reading and 4 periods for writing. She suggested switching up the periods to accommodate the writing and reading workshops. If an administrator visits, you can explain that you are integrating the workshops for time efficiency.

January 17th is the tentative date for the CFN Quality Review walk-through. We will also have a SINI review which could occur at anytime. We need to use our time efficiently. Meeting ended at 10:38am.

Departmental Meeting
Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Meeting began at 10:00am. Karen Phillips spoke to the department on Sustainability week January 9-12. We are having ELA Family Night on Thursday, January 11, 2012 due to the fact that Friday afternoon is the beginning of the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend and many will be leaving for the weekend. She also mentioned that units are posted at the Magnet wikispaces. A list will be sent around to determine interest and topics to share that night.
Teachers are asked in their grade groups to brainstorm a definition of Rigor in ELA lessons. They were asked to create a "T-Chart" to show:
What does rigor look like and sound like during a lesson? and What are teachers doing? What are students doing?
The groups charted on paper and shared out to the group. One group defined rigor as challenging work. Mr. Bolan stated that it was a bit open-ended and needed to be more specific and connected to Webb's Depth of Knowledge. December 19th will be a full day PD on the CCSS. Whether it is an informal or formal observation, administration will be looking to see rigor. Ms. Collins-Smith stated that there is a difference between note-taking and copying notes on the board. Students should be learning the skills to taking good notes and using the notes to respond to questions. Notes for classes should be photocopied or sent via powerpoints to students.
Writing Matters
Teachers are having difficulties entering the data on to the tracker. Ms. Aleshin and Ms. Sapp were able to do it. Ms. Gentile asked that we all try again to input.
Meeting ended at 10:38am with Mr. Bolan reminding staff to please get to the meetings on time so we may be to efficiently utilize the time.

Departmental Meeting
Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan discussed the observations of teachers by administrations.
What are we looking for?
Lesson objective, standards posted (must be tied to lesson objective), and goal setting strategies (students should be aware of their goals). Bulletin boards need to be updated monthly especially, ELA seems to be expected to display more. Ms. Sapp raised the question of who should tell the traveling teachers that they should be doing boards as well. Mr. Bolan stated he will remind Ms. Askew and Mr. Greggo to speak to their departments.
Webb's Depth of Knowledge
What does rigor look like in the classroom?
Mr. Carroll stated that what can be rigorous for one class may be different with the other two classes. According to Ms. Council, differentiation would be considered rigorous. Mr. Bolan redirected the discussion by recognizing the frustrations of ELA teachers with developing rigorous lessons. Ms. Walters stated that students being able to evaluate and analyze information. Ms. Guadalupe said she uses FRED (facts, reasons, examples and details).
December Assessments
We have a Grade 6 and 7 team. We need a Grade 8 team.We need them done for December 5th.
Writing Matters
Many teachers are not online as yet. We are still having glitches with the assessment tracker. It is being worked on. Any questions, please email Ms. Gentile at teaching matters.
The bookroom has a great deal of resources. Please schedule an appointment via email to set time up to go down to the bookroom.
Common Core State Standards
Teachers are expected to develop a rigorous task for ELA. It must be implemented by September 2012. Students should be developing the task without the use of bullets. Ms. Collins-Smith shared a Grade 7 ELA task and asked teachers to look it over for next meeting. Ms. Shein stated that there is nothing wrong with high expectations but it is unrealistic to expect the students to fulfill all of the components. Mr. Bolan stressed we are all in this together. Meeting ended at 10:38am.

Departmental Meeting
Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Meeting began at 10:00am. Ms. Collins-Smith asked the teachers to share out what we did at the Election Day PD. Ms. Guadalupe stated working with colleagues and collaboration on different grades was a positive but creating a writing rubric was a negative since we do it all the time. It was interesting analyzing the data. There was not enough time for all the work.We needed time to examine our own work. The Bloodborne Pathogen should have been done on the Smartboard in the auditorium for those who needed the training.
Writing Matters
It was suggested that teachers get an extra week to finish up grading their memoirs. Ms. Gentile showed us where to access the Assessment Tracker to load the scores. It is located at wm217.wikispaces.com. The username for assessment tracker is teacher and the password is assessment. Mr. Chan shared that the workshop yesterday was helpful with structuring his class. Ms. Brondolo stated she was appreciative of the materials since being a new teacher there isn't always enough.
Webb's Depth of Knowledge
Ms. Collins-Smith discussed the use of Webb's Depth of Knowledge for the next meeting. Mr. Bolan distributed to staff a copy of the levels. He reminded staff that we need to increase the rigor in the classroom and creating a Common Core State Standard task for ELA. We need to update bulletin boards and create rigorous work.
There should be 4 reading periods and 4 writing periods. Achieve 3000 and Writing Matters need to be incorporated. It is supposed to be Balanced Literacy. Meeting ended at 10:38am.
Departmental Meeting
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan introduced Ms. Gentile from Teaching Matters.Her email address is bgentile@teachingmatters.org.
We should all be following the Reading Pacing Calendar. There needs to be a consistency across the grades.
We are beginning the Response to Literature unit. There will be training on November 8th for teachers. It was suggested that the new ELA teachers attend such as Ms. Smith, Ms. Katz, Ms. Brondolo and Mr. Chan. It was suggested by Ms. Aleshin that we need a breakdown of how much time to be allotted for each of the mandated programs. Mr. Bolan stated he will discuss with Ms. Collins-Smith if we could develop one. It was a consensus by many teachers that they do not want to rush the writing process. An extension was given for teachers to complete their memoirs by November 14th and then begin the Response to Literature unit.
The next training for Achieve 3000 will be on November 17th. It was stated that it could not be done due to Parent-Teacher conferences. Ms. Aleshin stated that the Performance Series is great but it doesn't match the Achieve levelset. Ms. Gega suggested that the ELA Elective teachers pick up the Achieve 3000 with students to alleviate the ELA teachers.
Mr. Bolan mentioned he went to a Leadership Academy meeting yesterday. They were discussing components of a Quality Review. We are not sure if we will be getting one as yet but it could happen. It was noted that teachers should be focusing on the Danielson's Framework of Teaching. We are focusing on components 1.2, 2.1 and 2.2. He has met with most teachers informally with a few remaining. The most difficult task is trying to schedule meetings with teachers. "It is important for me to give you feedback," stated Mr. Bolan. He suggested that teachers attend the Lunch and Learns that Ms. Collins-Smith is holding. You should also be using some of the UBd units that are posted on the wikispaces.
We will be doing Common Core State Standards integration on Election Day. Mr. Burns will notify teachers of who will be attending.
It is overwhelming this year, but we need to work together. If we need assistance, please ask according to Mr. Bolan. We may open the bookroom on Election Day for teachers to see what materials they need. Ms. Taylor inquired about coach books. Mr. Bolan stated he will discuss with Mr. Burns the ordering of the books, if there is funding.
Mr. Bolan lastly asked the teachers: WHAT IS RIGOR? He requested that teachers consider what rigor is, in an effort to define it for our ELA department. Meeting ended at 10:38am.

Departmental Meeting
Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Meeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan stated that we cannot always use the library every week. We will rotate classrooms. Next week, we will meet in Room 107 (Ms. Gega). Bulletin boards need to be updated. It should have a task, rubric and rigorous work. Ms. Aleshin brought up the fact that traveling teachers need to be assigned bulletin boards too. It was also brought up that libraries in classrooms are being left in a mess by traveling teachers using the rooms. Mr. Bolan reminded teachers that they should be updated often.
Writing Matters
The site should have been updated. Dr. Heller with Ms. Gentile will be here tomorrow in Teacher Center.We should be finishing memoirs. You can put some of them on bulletin boards.
UBD Units
Teachers should be using UBD units in your classrooms.
Ms. Sapp discussed her use of Performance Series. It gives the grade level at which the students are performing at with the Lexile Level. It builds stamina and determines the reading level of the child. Ms. Collins-Smith stated that if we still wanted to do a running record for students you think might be at the wrong level.
Teachers were asked to discuss in partners the results of the Reading Assessment. Teachers shared out and talked about what they were doing with the information. Mr. Bolan reassured teachers that it is overwhelming and professionally we will help one another and continue to find ways to be more efficient. Meeting ended at 10:35am.

Departmental Meeting
Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Meeting began at 10:00am. Ms. Collins-Smith stated that the results of the Reading Baseline Assessment was forwarded to all staff via email. Some staff expressed that they were unable to open the file. We discussed the item analysis of the baseline test. Ms. Alli shared with the group how she used the analysis with her sixth grade classes on the Smartboard. Students were able to determine the correct answers through elimination and identify the distractor.
Writing Matters
Students and osis numbers were sent over to the company for inputting. Dr. Heller will not be returning. There is a new person starting on Monday that is ELA specific to work with our department.
Congratulations and best wishes to Ms. Clark as she leaves us on Friday to have her baby. We will miss you and look forward to you joining us after 6 weeks.
Meeting ended at 10:35am.

Departmental Meeting
Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meeeting began at 10:00am. Mr. Bolan stated that we are awaiting the status of a consultant for our school. We are not sure if Dr. Heller will be our consultant or not. Some teachers still cannot access the site and change units. Writing baselines should be graded and placed on the handwritten sheets given at the last meeting, until we are able to have online access.The expectation is that Grade 6 will be finishing Snapshots/Vignettes and Grades 7 and 8 will be completing Memoirs by the end of the month. Ms. Collins-Smith reviewed the characteristics of a memoir using an enlarged chart from the Writing Matters text binder. She also demonstrated questions that can be asked during the lesson and sample memoirs. Ms. Smith modeled the memoir, Bob, and asked what teachers noticed. Some noticed descriptive details, figurative language, character development and perspective.
Leveled Libraries
Each teacher is getting 10 baskets with approximately 10-12 books on the same level. Ms. Aleshin suggested we use the Achieve 3000 lexile levels in lieu of doing the running records. Copies will need to be made of the sheets that students will be reading during the running records. Teachers were given single copies. Mr. Bolan stated that at the next meeting we will finalize the expectations of the running records and Achieve 3000. We will also consider moving the meetings from B27 to a classroom. Meeting ended at 10:36am.

ELA Departmental Meeting
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meeting began at 10:00am with a Welcome by Mr. Bolan and Ms. Collins-Smith to all teachers, including the student teachers. Mr. Bolan asked teachers to state the classes that they teach. He also informed teachers that he will be visiting classrooms informally and plans to assist them in finding resources to differentiate their lessons. He will email teachers in regards to scheduling formal observations with pre- and post-observations. Teachers were reminded to review the Danielson framework's rubric.
Writing Matters
The question was posed about some teachers being unable to access the Writing Matters site. Mr. Bolan stated that he spoke with Dr. Heller yesterday and will give him the information he collected from teachers at the beginning of the meeting so he could input students' names and passwords for this school year. Ms. Collins-Smith reminded teachers that the leveled libraries will be distributed this week. Each teacher will get 8 baskets with approximately 80 books. Please keep the ESL books in the ESL baskets. The books are not to be sent home with students.
Running Records
Teachers will be administering the running records to their students. Ms. Aleshin asked if there was a lexile to convert the scores. Ms. Collins-Smith stated she will furnish that at the next meeting. You are checking for comprehension by asking 1 literal and 1 inferential question. We will be given copies of levels L-Z for the students who need testing. The marks for correction of the text includes: ^ for insertion, circle for mis-spelling, an arrow for self correction. We are using the leveled libraries for the administration of the running records. These books do not go home with the students.
Materials For Extended Day
Materials are available for 37 1/2 minutes to work with your targeted students. Please see Ms. Collins-Smith to sign out materials to supplement your instruction during extended days.
The meeting ended at 10:38am.
Submitted by Shamena Alli
ELA/ESL Meeting 9/14/11
  • Gathering
  • Updates on Writing Matters
  • Our Reading Pacing Calendar and Benchmark Assessment
  • Other

  • 2 Areas of Focus. We didn’t meet AYP in ESL and SpEd
Meeting with the superintendent to roll out plans to meet AYP in those areas.
In October we will drill down on test results and look for trends.
Data Inquiry team will be working as well

  • Multiple Classes. If you are teaching ESL, general ed, or any other combination, please write down the combination of classes you are teaching, so that we know what materials to distribute to you.
  • Laptops.How are the laptops are going to be issued? Go by roster. The laptops are not leaving the classroom. Substitutes don’t get keys. Hold on to laptops, don’t do anything.
  • Acuity – Mr. Bolan will send out dates as soon as we have the dates.

Achieve 3000
We have 3 new Teen Biz programs training 9/27 on Achieve 3000 that target
  • ELLs
  • SpEd Students
  • Gifted Students

Mr. Bolan and Ms. Collins-Smith ordered:
  • Books for extended day program
  • Books for the ELLs

  • The drive to reach AYP in SpEd and Ells will be driving our instruction. WE don’t want to be a school that doesn’t meet AYP two years in a row.

Updates on Writing Matters
  • Baseline Assessments: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Baselines done by end of September/beginning of October.
6th Grade students – Beginning Assessment
7th Grade – intermediate
8th Grade - advanced
What is the time frame to do this?
Day 1: 2 periods
Day 2: 1 period, or more: Revising and Editing
5 teachers didn’t receive the baseline. Write your name on the back of the attendance sheet.

Assessment Tracker.
  • Scoring Sheets.We cannot get up on the Assessment Tracker at Writing Matters yet. Dr. Heller has to add new teachers and get list of new students, so we can see our classes and students.
    • In the meantime, you can write down the scores on the hard copy of the assessment tracker (handed out), or keep the rubric sheets with the scores and then enter on the assessment tracker when it is up on the web.
    • Writing Matters still has old classes from last year. Units are blocked. Some teachers can’t get on Writing Matters at all.
    • Mr. Bolan will make copies of the Assessment Tracker, so don’t make copies on your own.
  • Rubric: 4 categories, and it says 80, not 100 points, but the assessment tracker sheet has 100 points and “Writing Behavior.”
    • Students need the rubric. Each student had the Writing Matters Rubric sheet. At the end of the year, the teachers had to hand in student work with the student rubric sheet, so department will make copies.

  • Reading Pacing Calendar and Benchmark Assessment. Trying to use the NYS 2009 ELA Exam. Everyone use the same test. People can use teacher-made tests.
Danielson. Mr. Burns spoke about focus for this year: Charlotte Danielson’s New Teacher Assessment and her Framework for Teaching.
Ms. Collins-Smith is doing a study group to plan out. Lunch and Learn study group. Can sign up for it. Not more than 10 people in each group. It has to be a lunch and learn, because there’s not money for afterschool.
A lot of Danielson stuff is on-line. Danielson four domains for teaching and teacher evaluation, and then 4 domains for educational process in the classroom. You are following domains as a teaching technique, and then you will be evaluated on that.
Strategies: What strategies are you using. The teacher is a coach and a facilitator.
Accountable talk, projects
Minutes for ELA/ESL 9/7/2011 meeting
ELA/ESL Presenter: Ed Bolan, Assistant Principal

Essential Question: How does the Danielson framework help us meet the Citywide Instructional

We will be looking at the data. Next week meeting with Superintendent and will look at data and decide on areas of concerns.
3-4% fewer students scored “4s.” This is a concern.

Datacation – went to a meeting and it was very easy.


The “observation” terminology causes anxiety.
Mr. Bolan wants to come in to classrooms and help you, not catch you.
All have days that lessons go perfectly, and you say, “I wish he was in here today.”
Think about the day you had that lesson.

What made a lesson successful?
Achievement, evidence of students getting a skill you taught
Lesson flowed, pacing
Felt learning was taking place, moment of realization

Danielson - 4 Domains
Domain 1. Planning and Instruction
Domain 2. Classroom Environment
Domain 3. Instruction
Domain 4. Professional Responsibilities

Domains are equally important, they go hand in hand.

When Mr. Bolan comes into the room can see
Classroom Environment, Level of Instruction

Will not see, but will be covered during pre-observation – Planning and Preparation, Professional Responsibilities
Identifying, classifying examples for which domain it applies.

List of 12 examples

A. 2
E. 3

Disagreement on K.
Ms. D suggests that before she teaches this lesson again, she will revise the worksheet, which the students found confusing, and clarify the directions.

Emphasis on the following sections and expectations:
Domain 2, Item B: Establishing a Culture for Learning
Domain 3, Item B: Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques

What will be different in two months?
Physical Space
Student Work

Pre- and Post-observation Discussions
Mr. Bolan wants us to be able to speak about our classes Who likes/not likes to read, talkative class, non-talkative class.

Unsatisfactory – non-differentiated instruction throughout, none
Basic – a little
Proficient/Effective – a lot
Distinguished/Highly Effective – all the time

Participation, level of engagement – easy for Mr. Bolan to see.
If no one is participating – unsatisfactory

Distinguished, Highly Effective – when students are taking the responsibility. Taking responsibility for what’s going on in the classroom.

Students are taking their roles very seriously.

Mr. Bolan is not expecting to see

è Minimum of 2 formal obs, 6 informal obs for every teacher

When do formal observation

Cross training –

Formal Observation – We will have prior conversations and will pick a time that Mr. Bolan and the teacher feel is going to work.
What are you doing? What are you hoping to accomplish?
Why do you think this isn’t going to work?
What will this do for your kids?

Worst thing you can say about another teacher – “You are unprofessional.”

When do problems arise in classroom: When students aren’t engaged.

2 months from now, Classroom Environment should be well established.

If kids are reading independently, teacher should be circulating around the room and conferencing.

If you are modeling reading, you can’t be oblivious to what’s going on?
Teacher has to make sure that the students are on task.

Wants to see conversations, respectful rapport. Don’t throw it on the deans right away.

Bad Behavior? It is how we handle the behavior, and how we respond. Sometimes it is important to ignore bad behavior, but you then

Reflection on the Levels of Performance
We can use it as a guide to make sure we are covering the domains.
Will be used in school to cover effectiveness in classroom.
Will look for trends on where we are struggling and what PD we need.
Can evaluate your students using these domains and sub-sections.

If kids are not participating, many times you can have a class where students are participating, and the administrator walks in, the students stop.

Use some of this language with parents, your students’ lack of respect is hurting the classroom environment.

Big similarities between these domains and Santa Cruz standards. If you go back and look at Santa Cruz there are a lot of similarities.

As we look at each part of the levels and we look at the rubric
Creating an environment of respect and rapport – what does that look like, what does it sound like?

What do we/students remember about school? Facilitator asked A.P.s to write down a lesson that they remember that had some kind of impact on them. Ed was shocked how many wrote down negative experiences.

Maya Angelou quote: “People will forget you said: people will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.”

September 7, 2011
Departmental Conference

Essential Question: How does the Danielson framework help us meet the Citywide Instructional Expectations for the 2011-2012 school year?
  1. Test data at a glance
  2. Danielson Teaching Framework Overview
    1. The 4 Domains
    2. Levels of Performance
  3. Citywide Instructional Expectations
  4. Reflection/Share

“People will forget what you said; people will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou
Commencement Address 2002