The Arts at MS 217

Painting - 7th Grade


7th Grade Animal Paintings highlighted through the end of February at Central Office! (Top left, Orone Islam - Top right, Iliana Mercado - Bottom Left, Sol DeLeon - Bottom Right, Naresh Ramdat)

Students have studied the life, time and art of Franz Marc to create an expressive composition using animals to tell a story or express a mood in the creation of a tempera painting.

Essential Questions:

What is the essence of color? How can an artist use color to communicate a message? What can a painting show that a picture cannot?

Student Artist: Sol DeLeon, 714
Artist Statement:
For my painting I used a silhouette technique (the dark shape and outline of someone or something against a lighter background, in my case, a sunrise). I believe the silhouette makes the environment more peaceful. The sun is coming up and it represents the beginning of a new day. The colors of the sunrise match the feeling of peacefulness. I feel that elephants are very gentle creatures. My painting is unique because of the way I chose to “see” this animal (the objective of this project was “Seeing Through The Eyes of Animals”). What I chose to paint is not what people would see exactly in everyday life, it is my creation.


Student Artist: Naresh Ramdat, 721

Artist Statement:

My animal is the grey wolf. I picked this animal because it symbolizes power. The painting shows a lot of feelings, that is a quality most pictures do not show. Most picture depict the the naturalistic colors of the actual animal, but my painting is special because the colors I have picked symbolize something about the wolf. I picked red, blue, purple, and gray, I picked these colors because they symbolize peace and joy for my wolf. I also made the wolf like a broken mirror to simplify the details of the body.


Student Artist: Orone Islam, 708
Artist Statement:
My painting shows texture through the blending of colors. Also, it shows many different secondary colors that I mixed using primary colors. In order to create my painting, I have done three steps. My first step was to draw my animal for paint. My second step was to paint my animal. My last step was to cover the outlines of my painting that I made in pencil because I did not need them anymore. This also made my painting look stronger.
My painting shows that my polar bear is moving from one place to another. I used my paintbrush to make it look like my polar bear was taking a step forward. I chose peaceful colors to show the emotion of my polar bear. I made my painting show that my polar bear is walking very peacefully and joyfully by the brushstrokes I used and the colors I chose.


Student Artist: Iliana Mercado, 731
Artist Statement:
I did my painting of a tiger laying on a rock because I love tigers. My painting shows emotion unlike other pictures because of the way I used color and texture. The tiger’s face shows the emotion of being angry. The colors I chose were orange, salmon, dark green, black and grey. I did a background of cherry blossoms and a light blue sky. The colors for the background were green for the leaves, pink for the flowers, light blue for the sky and brown for the branches. I chose these colors because tigers could be orange or white but I chose orange because I think it is a fun color to use. I chose the background colors to match the colors of Spring.

Architecture - 8th Grade


Challenge: To build the tallest FREESTANDING tower possible from a single sheet of paper. (Freestanding: standing alone or on its own foundation free of support or attachment)
Materials: 1 piece of 8-1/2" X 11" paper, 1 piece of 1/2" X 1" scotch tape, scissors, ruler + pencil
Rules: Each tower was constructed from the paper + tape provided by Ms. Nokta. While creativity was encouraged... no other materials or substitutions were allowed. Each team had a 20 minute time period to construct their towers. Any modifications made to the tower after the 15 minute period would disqualify the tower! Each tower was freestanding; it was NOT attached to or against any other surface.
Collection of the Tallest Towers from 8 A+T, 8 M+S, and 8 L+G

Students from 8 M+S... Winning Tower!
Student hard at work... 8 A+T

TWO DIMENSIONAL SKYSCRAPER SCALE DRAWINGActivity: Students researched a specific skyscraper + based on their research created a rendered two dimensional scale drawing to present to the class. Buildings included The Burj Khalifa, Sears Tower, Empire State Building, Petronas Towers, Taipei 101, Chrysler Building and more! *Come by the art room (B29) they are currently on display above the smart board!
Students in 8 M+S scaling the Petronas Towers
Students from 8 M+S work together in the creation of their scaled drawing of Taipei 101


Activity: Students examine the footprint + elevations of their skyscrapers in the creation of a three dimensional model. As an added challenge, students are asked to resource recycled materials to make their models... we are a GREEN magnet school after all!

Students from 8 M+S construct their 3D model of the Petronas Towers using recycled materials
Student from 8 M+S works after school to get ahead on the Taipei 101 3D model using recycled materials